LUBECO™ = LUBricant + ECOlogicalECOnomical

LUBECO™ readily biodegradable oils and lubricants (“Bio-lubricants“) are specifically developed for use in vast range of industrial and domestic applications as they out-perform the usual mineral oil based lubricants, are highly cost effective, non-toxic, and of course user and environmental friendly.


We guarantee quality in all our products and services. Manufacturing of LUBECO™ products fully complies with international quality standards ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and the EU Ecolabel.

Environmental Protection

“An environmental protection involves activities which prevent us polluting or damaging the environment, or which limit or remove such pollution or damage. It involves the protection of its individual components, types of organism or ecosystems and their mutual connections, but also the protection of the environment as a whole.“

At Oil Company, we are committed to forestall or completely prevent the pollution of the natural environment caused by petroleum based lubricants. 

It mostly concerns these areas:

  • Water sources
    • This is one of the most sensitive areas in environmental protection. We offer lubricants which can be utilized, for example, in hydro-electric power plants (hydrodynamic closures, lock chambers and others), heavy machinery working in the vicinity of water sources (river banks, canals) or oils for recreational purposes (twin-stroke water cooled engine oils).
  • Agriculture, Forestry
    • LUBECO™ bio-lubricants find their best application in forestry (chains and cutter bars, harvester blades, hydraulic oils, twin-stroke oils), ground work (hydraulic oils), agricultural work (hydraulic oils, twin-stroke oils), stationary saws, conveyor belts for sawmills or the extraction industry (blown oils) and others.
  • Households
    • If 1 litre of mineral oil can pollute up to 1,000,000 litres of water, then every drop matters. We offer a wide range of products for domestic use which will not only meet your requirements and the needs of your household appliances, but will also create a family safe environment.

Cost Efficiency

We offer a premium European quality, environmentally friendly alternative for a price comparable to the usual petroleum based lubricants. LUBECO™ products save cost, protect equipment and reduce environmental footprint - it is a win win solution!