LUBECO™ Chain and Bar Lubricants / Saw Lubes

Bar & Chain Oils / Saw Lubes are tacky rapeseed oil based, readily biodegradable lubricants offering excellent lubricity, improved anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties and a reduced environmental footprint. LUBECO™ Bar & Chain Oils are suitable for the lubrication of lathes, chainsaws, the mechanical parts of conveyor belts and other industrial and domestic applications. They are manufactured in a wide range of viscosity (from 32 up to 2000mm2/s at 40C).

An ideal product to be used everywhere where there is contact between equipment and the surrounding natural world.

Bar & Chain Oils with higher viscosity are manufactured using an unique and innovative technology the so-called blown oils method, where no viscosity modifiers (could lower biodegradability of the final product) are used.